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Goodbye Blessing Summer 2019

Jul 30, 2019 | News

When I was out with my husband on the 11 year anniversary of his Mom’s death; it was our goodbye blessing. Thinking back to that day, for instance, he again recounted how fortunate for him and his family.

Goodbye Blessing

In this case, my husband witnessed her passing. You see – he flew out to California to reconnect with me after 31 years. In the meantime, his mother had little time left. She had been battling cancer for four years, yet insisted he visit me.

The Call And Goodbye Blessing

On our fourth day together his sister called to tell him to head to New York. Their Mom was waiting. After an overnight flight, consequently he arrived at the hospital and as a result; he was able to hold hands with his sister and dad, praying and watching a very special woman take her final breath.

How many of us have been blessed with this beautiful yet heart wrenching experience? On our sad day of reflection, we made a positive choice to appreciate that gift.

Saying Goodbye – Helping Others

Furthermore, this brought to mind all the families I assisted in my career as a Nurse and Certified Cardiovascular Perfusionist, with the passing of their loved ones. As a perfusionist, operating the heart-lung machine for open heart surgery; I also monitored the 24/7 portable life support in the Intensive Care Unit.

Since I was keeping a family’s loved one alive with no hope of survival, this enabled them to get to the hospital in time to say their goodbyes. By the way, none of us want to work the shift when the doctor’s order is: Discontinue support.

After all, it’s not only emotionally draining seeing others in pain, but also saying goodbye to young ones, I could not help but cry with them. This is a roller coaster ride since this kind of support is the most invasive and the last possible hope of survival. I pray it works until other signs show up it’s futile. Then, I pray for the family’s strength.

Lastly, when I was there in the final hours, I saw it as me being the best person for that family.

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