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Bombers, Bosox, and Sportsmanship

Aug 25, 2019 | News

Bombers, Bosox and Sportsmanship came together unexpectedly last month. So at that time, these two teams matched up with each other one week apart. Let’s take a look at both series.


In July, I was watching these two teams playing in Boston and the Sox badly defeated the Yanks 3 out of the 4 games. However a week later, the Yankees swept the Red Sox.

Boston and New York fans are used to these two teams’ rivalry; this time there was another element clearly visible.

Indeed, sometimes the best life lessons show up in unexpected places. In this case, what stood out to me was the look in the eyes of the winning players and the support shown towards the losers.

For example, the knowing look in the winning players eyes coupled with the reassuring feeling towards the losers. An unspoken, “Yup, we were just there and know how it feels brother.” Furthermore, fans saw friendly conversation between players, as well as pats on the back (or rump) and smiles.

In contrast, we see batters getting hit by pitches. Also, games have included an argument or even a brawl. But, these two teams showed good sportsmanship. This is what we learn in little league.

Indeed, sportsmanship doesn’t have to be negative. We can root for our team without being mean spirited or nasty towards the opposition.

Bombers Bosox Sportsmanship

So last year was all about Beantown. Boston could do no wrong on their way through a well played season and a deserved championship. However, this year – Nope. It’s a fall from grace that Yankee fans and players are all too familiar with.

In the same way, one day you’re up and the next day you’re down. A series is won; the next one is lost. Of course, one season of promise doesn’t turn out as planned while another exceeds expectations by overcoming injuries. Go figure.

Oh, wait a minute…that’s right, the Bombers vs. Bosox is one of the most heated rivalries in all of sports! In the meantime, members of both teams are handling this season’s rivalry well.

This die hard Yankee fan is NOT ashamed to admit that I rooted for Boston in 2004 after they whooped us. Although it hurt, it was their time and I was happy for the players and their long suffering fan base. Again, last year too! The better team prevailed.

Bombers Season Finish Line

So here we are this year….

One series left between the Bombers and the Bosox. Whether it winds up for the Yankees the way last year did for the Red Sox still remains to be seen.

In summary, the teams are moving in the right direction. In the meantime, the games may not be as intense; however one thing is for sure – there’s a lot more compassion and empathy between the players. It is always encouraging to see sports professionals play the sport of baseball as a good role models while competing.

Finally, fans of both teams should take notice to remember what we were taught in school and on the field about sportsmanship.

I know I have.

With the regular baseball season winding down, be ready for your new season of integrity. Visit Dare to Be Authentic Radio 2019 post and hopefully the Yankees will make it to the finish line.

As always, I welcome your comments.


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