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Holiday Head Lice Prevention Tips to Add to Your Routine

Dec 18, 2020 | News, NitFlix

Since many people will be close to family and friends; it is important to heed our holiday head lice prevention tips. Indeed, everyone wants to enjoy the festivities of the season. Furthermore, no one wants any interruptions during the joyful season. So, as you gather around in close proximity to others this season; we wanted to remind you of a few prevention tips.

Holiday Head Lice Prevention

Although Covid-19 has derailed many plans this season; kids will be kids. When family’s and kids are in one room; it is possible for kids who are playing with each other, to have a lice outbreak. Because lice love to travel; it is important to be cautious.

Since lice love crawling from person to person; any gathering taking place can result in a lice outbreak. For instance, some kids may be sharing bedding such as pillows and blankets as well as playing with other kids; it is essential you keep lice away.

Moreover, as well as sharing personal belongings with other kids; it is equally important not to share any personal grooming products such as barrettes, hairbrushes, combs, scarves, and hats.

Of course, everyone wants to be on the Nice List this season. To read about things you need to do to prevent lice; be sure to visit our Be on the Nice List with Our Holiday Head Lice Checklist post.

Prevent Head Lice this Holiday Season

Although many are practicing social distancing; you should know that lice have been prevalent. To learn more about how easily lice are spreading; be sure to visit our Lice Increase with Covid-19 Pandemic post.

In the first place, it is important that you understand lice do not fly; however, they love crawling from head-to-head and can do it quickly. To learn more on what you should be aware of; be sure to check out our Important Head Lice Facts post.

Eliminate Lice

Indeed, no one wants any interruptions during the holiday season. So, it is important that you use the right products. At A-Way With Lice, our shampoo and conditioner are sulfate-free and not only will provide you with a clean head; but will also protect you and your family members from any lice encounters.

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Happy Holidays!


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