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Be on the Nice List with Our Holiday Head Lice Checklist

Dec 14, 2020 | News, NitFlix

So, are you ready to be on the nice list? When it comes to head lice, there are steps you should take to protect you and your family from ever having to deal with these critters.

Be on the Nice List

Although you may not be traveling too far from home this year; it is important to take precautions. Hence, lice love to travel! Meanwhile, if you have children; head lice tend to be prevalent in infants to teens. However, any age can get lice. Lice don’t discriminate!

Since this is a problem that impacts millions of people worldwide each year; be sure to visit our Effective Head Lice Methods post for everything you need to know about head lice.

Tips to Make the Holiday Season Bright and Lice Free

Whether or not you are staying close to home; take the following precautions to prevent a lice invasion.

  1. When kids are close to each other; it is important to check your kids’ hair. Because kids play close together; lice easily spread from head to head.
  2. Make sure you teach your kids about the importance of sharing any of their personal belongings with others. To learn more about items your kids shouldn’t share; be sure to visit our Will Lice Repellant Shampoo Prevent Lice post.
  3. Introduce NitFlix to you and your Family’s health and beauty routine.

Using NitFlix Will Keep Your Holiday Season Safe From a Lice Invasion

When you use NitFlix, you are using a safe product that has no harmful chemicals or pesticides. Furthermore, our products are sulfate-free and will not only provide you with a clean healthy feeling; but also our products will prevent and protect you from any lice outbreak.

Our Holiday Promotion

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Of course, you want to be on Santa’s nice list.

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