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Big Chill Of The South

Mar 29, 2021 | News

Countless people were a part of this big chill of the South recently. For instance, we’re not just talking weather here. For example, not many Texans missed the Federal government’s cold shoulder for help, raising even more questions.

The Big Chill

To begin with, the ‘big chill’ is utilized in various ways. Firstly, people today are quick to judge, giving off a chilly response. Think about it, those crazy ‘preppers’ are nuts, right? After record breaking temps and snow in the deep south, I’m not so sure they are still viewed in this way. Many folks were caught with their pants down, not having any backup food or water.

Secondly, the long FEMA response time for assistance is pretty cold. I guess hurricane Katrina didn’t teach us enough.

Being PreparedBig Chill and Beyond

For that reason, it’s the Girl and Boy Scouts’ way – preparation! We all learn in our childhood, whether we were a part of those groups or not, about getting ready. For instance, brush your teeth, wash your face, get dressed, make your bed, eat breakfast; all before leaving the house.

As a result, this concept expands to every aspect of life as we grow. Daily food gathering becomes weekly shopping, which then expands to disaster prep. Accordingly, living in California for years, you learn there is no warning of an earthquake. Hence, always be ready with food, water, and gas in your car!

Preparation, or being proactive means a less stressful, more peaceful daily life. In case you missed it, read our Lice Prevention v Natural Treatment Solution post to learn how preparation can make a huge difference between having a nightmare or a miracle in your day to day living.

Nature-al Disaster

For example, since we cannot prevent natural disasters, how about using our power at preventing those we can control, such as lice? Think about what it means to use Grace’s NitFlix protective shampoo and conditioning treatment regularly, then getting an unexpected nature disaster call from the parent of your child’s friend.

This product is like a vaccine against lice. My teen daughter still uses it. She started using the shampoo/conditioning set regularly years ago for the protection factor and because it made her look shiny and smell great. The proof of its effectiveness came to me in a most astonishing way from her friend’s parent in a phone call.

I was told that her daughter had lice and since the young girls just had a sleepover the night before (in the same bed together) I may need to take action. Truth be told: my daughter did NOT have any nits in her hair or lice on her scalp. I mentioned NitFlix to the mom and she started using it on her daughter’s head immediately. Within 2 days they were gone. I recommend this product without hesitation because it is safe, healthy and clearly works as a preventative as my story testifies to!

PLM from FL
Preparation – Keys To The Kingdom

In summary, you can see how putting things in place can have you live a more peaceful existence. Having enough food, water, cash, and gas to get you through a week will have you not caught off guard.

This prevents stress, just like buying and using NitFlix prevents lice and the stress of worrying when you will get it. Want to live in tranquility? Go here.

Thanks to and a well known formulator, a real solution was developed that has non-toxic ingredients. We combined lice prevention, lice killing, without the big chill, and high end hair care for the most luxurious results.

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