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Lice Products VS Chicken Soup

Jul 25, 2021 | News

Lice Products VS Chicken Soup

Lice Products

One must always check the ingredients on anything purchased; whether it be food, skin care or hair care, such as lice products. Marketing and distraction tactics can have us ‘feel good’ about our purchase, but buyers beware!

Some of our competitors list their ingredients in such a way, that they are touting how wonderful they are as a company because they are not required to reveal it. At the same time, they are disclosing the concentration of active ingredients which are minuscule.

Chicken Soup – a head scratcher

How does chicken soup apply you ask?  Well, let me explain. The first thing I thought of after reading the minus-cule concentration of active ingredients in another lice product, was a story my Dad told me of homemade chicken soup during The Great Depression. He said, “The chicken was swished through for about five minutes and it was called chicken soup!”

We could also dilute our ingredients to make it cheaper to sell more without the process of educating people; however, that would go against our integrity and consequently, would render our products ineffective with a loss of trust from you.

Our Lice Products – NitFlix

We too, can take your moola for an inferior product but we don’t! The only reason we brought NitFlix to the market WITHOUT the advertising funds to market it, was to make a difference for people. Be sure to visit our Reliable and Non-Toxic Head Lice Shampoo and Conditioner post to learn more.

We saw right away the money making business was in lice removal, because people do not want to be bothered with it (gross, time consuming, etc.). In the meantime, that only eliminates the pesky lice that can show up again a week later.

We, on the other hand, wanted to eliminate the issue all together. For that reason, you see, “We’re Different” on our homepage. We seriously do not want you to think or worry about lice again! This is now possible with our prevention program.

Use NitFlix regularly. Have beautiful, healthy hair and eliminate the stress of getting lice. No more bugs to bug you out!


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