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Good Better Best

Sep 30, 2019 | News

Good Better Best are keywords in many phrases. Primarily, they’re heard on a marching band field, in a sports locker room or by our proud military. And so, Good Better Best. Never Let it Rest. Til Your Good Gets Better and your Better Gets Best. But, where does this come from?

Good Better Best – Origins

Interestingly, Saint Jerome created this famous passage. Appropriately, he is the patron saint of students, and children often need to be motivated! Coincidentally, this month, September 30th to be exact, includes his Memorial or Feast Day.

Words of Motivation

Surely, you can find these in lots of places. Clearly, chants like Good Better Best are going to pump you up. More often than not, song lyrics like “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and hymns such as “Amazing Grace” provide encouragement.

Even more, speeches truly inspire. Read or better yet, listen to the motivating words of JFK or Vince Lombardi. Then, there’s the writings of self help gurus such as Brendon Burchard and Ed Mylett. Fortunately, I’ve worked with one of them. Marshall Sylver. He is one of the worlds’ most influential motivators; a hypnotist, lecturer and business mentor. Gratefully, the expression “Seek and you shall find” did pay off.

When Enough Ain’t Enough

So, is there a “best”? Well, my “good” today could be your “better” yesterday. And, your “best” tomorrow might be my “good” today. Confusing? As a rule, high achievers never stop improving. Ideally, betterment should be a cycle. Around we go and where we stop … nobody knows.

In essence, Grace’s NitFlix is about improving and we’re on a mission. Be sure to visit our National Sales Agents post. By all means, if you know someone, send them our way.

Interestingly, Bob Dylan said, “He not busy being born is busy dying.” Talk about a challenge . . .

As an example, look no further than the number of dynasties in professional sports. Over the past few decades they have decreased. In the business world, we know of the Peter Principle. Particularly, rising to your level of incompetence.

In summary, you can use the greatest words in the universe as a catalyst for constant improvement. But at the end of the day, your own inner drive will move you forward. Intrinsic motivation. Never rest on your laurels. Or you will peter out.

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