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Preventive Maintenance

Sep 23, 2019 | News

Preventive maintenance is used to keep equipment running well. A regular schedule prevents downtime and expensive repair costs.

Generally, preventive maintenance and the use of machines go hand in hand. For instance, your car. There’s good reason you get a manual. This includes the manufacturer’s schedule of mileage checkups.

As a result, we learn early on, missing these maintenance checkups can put us in a financial hole. For instance, not getting your tires rotated every 5,000 miles. Your tires wear out like your shoes; it depends on the way you walk.

In contrast, by rotating them, they wear evenly and last longer. I know, too bad we can’t do that with our shoes!

Preventive Maintenance 

Perfusionists use various machinery in and out of the operating room. Undoubtedly, we had to perform monthly maintenance on all machines we used. Since people’s lives depend on the heart-lung machine working properly.

Likewise, this is the same as you getting on an airplane and expecting to get to your destination in one piece!

Planning is key. After all, unplanned or reactive maintenance involve many overhead costs. This includes lost productivity, higher costs for parts and shipping, and time lost while equipment isn’t working.

Additionally, these unplanned services typically cost three to nine times more than planned – ouch! To demonstrate, think of cleaning services. They always come and assess first; for the simple reason of time.

Clean homes equals easy job and less money. Plan to pay extra for a dirty and messy one. As they say, time is money.

Preventive Maintenance – Translated to Humans

By the same token, we can apply this similar practice to our bodies. For example, eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. This is a great way to prevent obesity, amongst other issues.

Until now, people did not have a choice in the realm of lice prevention. In fact, you could do nothing to avoid getting those pesky bugs besides keeping away from those who were housing them. We want them homeless!

Granted, prevention is key. Moreover, the same principles stated above apply here too. Grace’s NitFlix Protective Shampoo & Conditioning Treatment is here to prevent and protect you from lice – the preventive maintenance for your hair and scalp.

People have made comments about NitFlix being costly. Yet these same people who did not purchase and use it, spent eight times the amount to have lice removed from their child’s head at a lice boutique. Reactive maintenance, sound familiar? Desperate people do expensive things.

In conclusion, the time spent doing what you usually do; shampoo and condition your hair; ultimately, will save you money, time, and stress, by preventing lice from the start.

Meanwhile, because NitFlix is salon quality, you get the extra benefit of having your hair look and feel better than ever. Finally, the choice is yours. It’s a matter of what is most important to you.

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