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Change Your Mindset

Oct 2, 2019 | News, NitFlix

It is autumn. So, thoughts of change come up. To begin with, temperatures, leaves, clothing, and clocks. For this reason, and new season, I say: Change your mindset.

Change Your Mindset

Seriously, I do not understand what is taking people so long. Specifically, I am referring to a product that can protect you from a certain stress and stigma. Plus, it saves time and money while providing additional benefits. More to the point, why contract LICE if you never have to? Grace’s Nitflix® is a shampoo and conditioner set that is long overdue for a market break out.

It Can’t Happen Here

First, a novel by Sinclair Lewis. Then, a song title by Frank Zappa. Of course, they were not referring to a LICE preventative or treatment. Potentially, a common point is the danger of having a closed mind. Today, we refer to that type of thinking as FIXED. As an educator, we encourage children to shift thoughts. The Growth Mindset. “I am terrible at math” becomes “I will work harder to improve my math skills.” Adults get stuck as well. Not too long ago, “What do I need a cell phone for?” “I’m a safe driver, why do I need car insurance?” Additionally, “AC? That’s a luxury.”

Indeed, when it comes to a topic like LICE, too many people say  “I’ll deal with it if I get it.” “Nope, not me.” “Why should I use Grace’s NitFlix® when I’m not around kids?” “It can’t happen here.”

Time To Change Your Mindset

To reiterate, there IS a salon quality hair product available AND it prevents you from getting LICE. In other words, you get a luxurious look with the comfort of protection. My daughter is all the proof I need. Her hair is gorgeous after using Grace’s NitFlix®. Specifically, a glowing sheen, and strong texture. Notably, a pleasant scent. Moreover, she’s NOT getting lice anymore when it’s around.

Schools can lead the way.  Furthermore, camps benefit too when their environments are protected. Perhaps these large consumer groups will soon get on board. Promoting a different method of thinking for an age old problem. Realistically, it will take parent education, acceptance and demand. Planning ahead. Not reacting to.

In conclusion, it’s time for a more proactive approach to scalp health.
Let’s begin….

Change your mindset!

As always, I welcome your comments.



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