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Coronavirus Doesn’t Stop Lice

Mar 27, 2020 | News, NitFlix

Coronavirus doesn’t stop lice. So, you may be home scratching your head and wondering why you have these pesky bugs. Not only are you worried about the covid-19, but now you’re dealing with bugs. Don’t fret as I have you covered.

Cornovarus Doesn’t Stop Lice

In the first place, everyone seems to be home now.

Also, many kids are bored; so they’re getting together with other kids at other homes.  Well, what happens when your kid comes home from a play-date and is scratching their head?

Indeed, you don’t have to panic. Now, is the time to be pro-active.

Since so many people are staying home and maintaining social distancing; there are many families also dealing with head lice. In the meantime, social distancing will also help prevent lice from crawling from head-to-head.

Coronavirus Doesn’t Stop Lice – Order NitFlix From Home

Since you may not want to leave your home with the fear of getting the coronavirus; don’t fret. You can order NitFlix from the comfort of your home. With our speedy shipping; we will have the shampoo and conditioner in your hands in a few days.

Be sure to visit my NitFlix Product Recommendation post where you find everything you need to do on how to treat these pesky bugs.

In summary, no one wants to get the coronavirus; but also no one wants to have lice. So, are you ready to put a stop to eradicate these pesky bugs from your life?

Of course, the best strategy is to take preventative measures.  To read more, visit my Preventive Maintenance post.

Meanwhile, to stay safe from contacting the Coronavirus; make sure you wash your hands, keep a close distance from others and when greeting someone; use the elbow bump. After all, no one wants to be sick from the coronavirus.

Be sure to visit my products page where you can learn all about the benefits of NitFlix.

As always, I welcome your comments.

Stay safe!



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