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Real Solutions to Wipe Out Lice – NitFlix is Here for You

Dec 29, 2020 | News, NitFlix

So, are you ready for real solutions to wipe out lice? Indeed, there are many products out there. However, many of these products are a waste of money.

Real Solutions to Wipe Out Lice

Of course, most people spiral into panic mode when their children have an itchy scalp and it turns out to be lice.

In essence, with any health issue; it is important to use the best product out there. At NitFlix, we won’t waste your time and money. Our products have no harmful chemicals or pesticides.

When it comes to these pesky bugs, anyone can be affected.

For example, if one member of your family is identified with head lice; all family members should be checked as well. In addition, all items that the person has been in contact with should be properly cleaned. For tips on cleaning your home when there has been a lice outbreak; be sure to visit our House Cleaning Lice Tips post.

NitFlix is Here for You

What you pay for – is what you get!

For example, NitFlix is $2.25 an ounce. Meanwhile, not only do we treat this problem; but more importantly, we provide a safe treatment for your hair.

At Ultra, the cost is $4.29 an ounce and at Rid, the cost is $4.92 an ounce. And, at Fairy Tales, the price is $3.42 an ounce.

As you can see from the above examples; our cost is lower than our competitors and NitFlix does a better job in leaving your hair in better condition while eliminating and preventing lice.

To read more, be sure to check out our What Separates us From our Competitors – NitFlix post.

Of course, the key to eradicating these pesky critters is to make NitFlix part of your and your family’s health and beauty routine.

In summary, the bottom line is to stick with a product that will solve your problem. Stop wasting your time and money on ineffective lice removal products.

As always, I welcome your comments on our real solutions to wipe out lice.


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