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What Separates us From Our Competitors – NitFlix

Sep 30, 2020 | News, NitFlix

So, if you’re wondering what separates us from our competitors; there are several things. When it comes to our products; we pride ourselves on using the best ingredients.

What Separate Us From our Competitors

In the first place, NitFlix is truthfully a natural hair care product that promotes a healthy scalp. To learn more about good ingredients; be sure to visit our National Clean Beauty Day post.

What Separate Us – NitFlix v Competitors

When it comes to NitFlix; there are some important things you should know.

  1. It prevents and gets rid of lice
  2. Grace’s NitFlix® is the closest thing to a vaccine for lice since it both eliminates and prevents lice
  3. Also, we use premium extracts

Nevertheless, it is important that you read the ingredients in anything you purchase. Whether it is a food item or something else; it is essential that you are aware of every ingredient. For instance, if you see water listed as the first ingredient; that’s essentially what you are paying for.

With NitFlix, we use a waterless formula.

Legally, a company must have a 0.1% or more for it to be listed as an ingredient on a label. Perhaps, 0.12% of water as an active ingredient may not be what you think. So, you have to ask yourself “How will this work”?

Meanwhile, if you see water listed first, that’s what you’re paying for. Whereas NitFlix is a waterless formula that is concentrated which makes it healthy for your scalp. And, of course, your hair will smell great.

Since many of our competitors may have products that may kill lice; how will your hair react? Above all, you don’t want to let your hair be collateral damage for getting rid of lice.

In conclusion, NitFlix will prevent and eliminate lice without messing up the pH balance and of course, you don’t want your hair to feel like hay. And, that’s no fairytale!

As always, I welcome your comments on what separates us from our competitors. Have you had a bad experience with another product?


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