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World Book Day April 23

Apr 23, 2020 | News, NitFlix

World book day is today! Because the majority of people are stuck at home, now is a good time to pick up a few books. So, over one hundred countries observe this day. In 1995, Unesco decided this would be a great day to celebrate; since it’s also the death anniversary of William Shakespeare as well as either the birthdate or death date of other famous authors. Let’s begin and end the day by reading.

World Book Day

Whether you love reading biographies, fiction, non-fiction, literature, mystery books or literature; there is sure to be a book to capture your interest.

Of course, a book is more than just words. A story can capture your attention and take you to a place you haven’t been to. Whether it is taking you on a new journey or opening a new door; a story creates many different things.

Moreover, a story is especially important in the lives of children. In fact, you can read a story to a kid or anyone who would appreciate having a story read to them.

Do you want to Write a Book

Whether you’re already a published author or someone who likes to write for fun; why not create your own story? You can start by jotting down a few things and perhaps, you may find that you have created quite a story worth publishing. Be sure to visit my National Write Your Own Story Day post for inspiration.

Also, someone who is passionate about writing can not only put something together; but also encourage others to read what they wrote.

However, you spend the day today; make sure you use it as an educational and fun day for any child.

In conclusion, there is nothing like getting lost in a good story.

As always, I welcome your comments on your favorite books.

Happy World Book Day!


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