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National Write Your Story Day

Mar 14, 2020 | News, NitFlix

National Write Your Story Day is today. Indeed, everyone has a story. So, today is the day to take a pen to paper and begin creating your own article, post or novel.

National Write Your Story Day’s History

Notably, this day was founded by Mitzy who is an Author, Artist, Guide and founder of MitzyTV. Her goal was to inspire others to push the envelope and take a leap of faith.

Meanwhile, today, find a quiet place to put a pen to paper.  Although you may not think you have anything to say; however, once you start putting your pen to paper or your fingers to your keyboard, you may be surprised at how much you end up writing.

Words can have a powerful impact. Before you know it, you may have created something you want to publish. Whether you decide to keep this to yourself or share it with others; you may find you have created a masterpiece. You may even want to start your own blog or write a book.

Since my own story started when both myself and my daughter were exposed to lice; I began a rigorous process determined to eradicate these bugs from making an appearance in anyone’s life. To read more, be sure to visit Grace’s NitFlix Story post where you will learn everything you need to know on how NitFlix was created.

National Write your Story to Win

In essence, my own story has had so many people I have encountered over the years sharing their experience with lice. So, I thought it gave me a great idea to host a contest.

Moreover, I’m asking anyone who has a lice story to share their own story with me. So, please spread the word and start thinking about what you would like to say.

In summary, we all have a story to tell. Subscribe to my blog site, share your story and you will have the chance to win a sample set of NitFlix.

As always, I welcome your comments and look forward to reading your story.


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