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Mar 20, 2020 | News, NitFlix

Although the ACANYNJ conference has come to an end; I was happy that I participated in this event. With the Coronavirus being in the news; the attendance was down, but everyone who attended had a great time.


So, every year anyone associated with camps attends this conference in Atlantic City to interact with vendors and other camps throughout the world. To read more about my preparation before heading to Atlantic City; be sure to visit my Tri-State Camp Conference Countdown post.

In fact, my husband spoke to many camp professionals prior to the event to introduce them to Grace’s NitFlix A-Way With Lice. Indeed, they were excited to meet with us and learn more about the benefits of NitFlix.

Due to the coronavirus, everyone was extra careful. Moreover, we all used the elbow bump; however, we did hug it out with some old friends and shared the love.

In addition, the bathrooms at the Conference Center were cleaned every hour; and they had extra hand sanitizer.


In essence, I usually have candy for people visiting my booth; but NOT this year! Consequently, we put out a box of tissues instead, with available hand sanitizer too.

We received a great response to NitFlix.

Meanwhile, my offering our Campership link was well received by Directors and Owners of Camps. In fact, a well-known Camp Owner/Director said; “he was surprised there wasn’t a huge line to get to our table”. Of course, the reason there wasn’t a big line was due to light attendance.

In summary, we met so many wonderful people from both the camp and the vendor side at the various after-hour dinners. Ultimately, I’m happy that everyone who I had the opportunity to meet walked away with a good understanding of NitFlix and the benefits of using this as preventive maintenance to keep lice away.

Of course, I’ll be back next year.


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