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Kill Lice Without Killing your Hair – How the Breakthrough Started

Dec 23, 2020 | News, NitFlix

Kill lice without killing your hair!  So, my story started when both myself and my daughter were exposed to lice.  And, that began my journey to find a formula that worked to eradicate these pesky critters.

Kill Lice – My Collaboration With Belegenza

In the first place, my collaboration with Belegenza began through my friendship with Alan. Since he was in my life for many years before my encounter with lice; he knew my hair well.

Prior to Alan and his sister, Cheryl beginning Belegenza; Alan was always doing my hair in Carlsbad on the ocean. When he shared his plans for beginning Belengenza; I knew he was going to succeed. Not only did I think this was a fabulous product; but I knew he was onto the beginning of something fabulous in the hair space.

When I had my harrowing encounter with lice; Alan saw my frustration. Because there was no healthy or preventative product on the market; Alan approached me with the idea of using his product line to help create something effective, healthy, and safe, tweaked with his brilliant chemist.

Of course, I was in!

Belegenza and NitFlix

Now, that you have the back story; it is time for you to introduce both of these products into your everyday beauty and health routine.

Moreover, my experience in the medical field has led me to know why my product line, NitFlix is worth buying again and again. Not only does NitFllix have all the essential ingredients you need to keep your hair looking beautiful but will also keep you safe from harmful pesticides.

With so many product lines using harmful chemicals that are bad for your hair; it is important to use a good shampoo and conditioner that not only eliminates, but also prevents lice. To read more about what makes NitFlix the best product out there; be sure to visit our What Separates us From our Competitors – NitFlix post.

So, are you ready to introduce NitFlix as an effective, healthy, and safe shampoo and conditioner to you and your family?

Kill Lice!


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