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Beatles Ants Roches

Mar 24, 2020 | News, NitFlix

When you think of the Beatles; what comes to mind? At the same time, did you know the name was all about the beat and they were first called the Silver Beatles? Also, Bugs and music – all related. So, you may be surprised to learn how some of the best bands have names related to insects.

Beatles Ants Roches

When it comes to bugs, there seems to be a lot of inspiration associated with insects. Whether it is the name of a band or a song; you can find a reference through all different types of music genres. However, especially in classic rock music.

For instance, ants, butterflies, and wasps are a few. The bands associated with bugs in their names may be some of your all-time favorites.

Although insects have invaded our lives in music; they don’t need to become a problem for you and your family.

Our Little Secret

So, are you ready for a little secret? My husband’s new band’s name is “Our Little Secret”. And, this is a great name that relates to my mission on eradicating lice. Be sure to read my Grace’s NitFlix Story post where you can read about the process of my finding a solution that works in getting rid of these bugs practically overnight.


So, two experienced performers recently united to form a versatile entertaining band on the Treasure Coast. It’s OUR LITTLE SECRET NOW…

However, it won’t be for too long.

In fact, if you’re looking for some versatile live music for Events, Nightclubs or a Party; be sure to contact us. Of course, we’ll make your gig one that will be talked about for eons.

Bugging Out

Now, that you know some trivia related to music and bugs; are you ready to debug lice, louse, and nits from your life?

In summary, are you ready to bug out?

As always, I welcome your comments.


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