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NitFlix Wishes Dads Happy Father’s Day

Jun 18, 2020 | News, NitFlix

NitFlix wishes dads a Happy Father’s Day. With this date right around the corner, it is important we give a shout-out to all dads who remain calm, cool and collected under pressure. Indeed, most kids and women panic. Certainly, men can also lose their cool; but more often than not; they tend to deal with most crises calmly.

George Ratto – Father & Daughter Memories

Since I was the last of 3 girls born, I was definitely Daddy’s little girl right up to the time of his passing in 2012 at the age of 89.

My dad, George Ratto was a World War 2 Veteran and a New York City police officer. Moreover, he was a creative, extremely humble, and intelligent man. Meanwhile, it wasn’t until I was an adult that my Aunt (his sister), shared an article with me about him getting a score of 100 on the police physical test – almost unheard of.

When I was little girl, I would exclaim, “Daddy’s home” and would run outside to meet him.

Moreover, my dad was always working inside the house as well as out in the garden. Of course, I was his little helper. In addition, my dad taught me to ride a bike, ice skate, play chess, swim, and of course, how to drive.

Due to the time, I spent with my Dad; I was good at figuring out how things worked as well as mechanically inclined. I guess that explains my fascination with my career as a Nurse and a perfusionist. Be sure to visit my National Nurses Week post to read about my career as a medical professional.

Luckily, my daughter, Jenne was fortunate enough to spend a great deal of time with my dad and referred to him as her Papa’.

Thanks to my Dad for forever being in my heart!

NitFlix Wishes Dads Happy Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, NitFlix wants to acknowledge Fathers everywhere.

In summary, I have so many special memories with my Dad.

Happy Father’s Day!


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