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Summer Season Head Lice Prevention Tips

Jun 26, 2020 | News, NitFlix

With the Summer season here, the following head lice prevention tips are important. Whether your kids attend camp or are having a sleepover; it’s time to be prepared for head lice. At the same time, it only takes one kid for head lice to become a problem at camp, or at someone’s home. So, let’s get started with everything you need to know to have a lice-free Summer.

Summer Season

Since COVID-19 has impacted many camps canceling their season; there are still many camps that are open. To read more on how to prepare for camp; be sure to visit my Summer Lice Camp Prevention post for some things to do to keep your kids and family safe from these pesky critters.

With so many kids playing outside, swimming, having sleepovers, and attending camp; you can take steps to prevent any invasion of lice in your home.

Follow these tips for a Lice-Free Summer Season

So, the following tips are things you can do to have a lice-free Summer.

  • Be sure to check-in with parents, camp counselors, and staff to make sure they have the proper information on how to treat a lice infestation.
  • Does your camp screen for lice upon arrival?
  • As a parent, make sure you check your kid’s hair regularly.
  • When your child returns home; make sure you check their hair thoroughly.
  • Since the majority of lice outbreaks happen away from home; make sure your kids have NitFlix.

Of course, before you send your kids anywhere; make sure they don’t have lice. Therefore, it is important to check your kid’s hair at least once a week.

Protecting your Kids’ and Family from Lice

Indeed, the key is to make sure your children know how important it is not to share barrettes, combs, brushes, hats, and towels.

In summary, as important as it is to have the right shampoo and conditioner; it is equally important for your kids to know how to avoid head lice.

As always, I welcome your comments on what measures you will be taking for the Summer season.


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