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Summer Camp Restrictions

Jul 10, 2020 | News, NitFlix

With Summer Camp restrictions, many camps are planning to host camp with guidelines taking into account social distancing. Due to the space requirements, many spots will be cut in half compared to prior years.

Summer Camp Restrictions

To date, many camps have had to cancel their entire season; while others are opening with safety features. To read more on the impact, the coronavirus has had on camps; be sure to visit my Summer Lice Camp Prevention post.

Indeed, camps have been making changes so things can continue this year. With these changes, many camps will have smaller groups of kids.

Since many camps are already starting back up; they will run for the full duration. However, they will have much smaller groups of campers.

Indeed, every camp has its own guidelines and will be working under their state’s requirements to provide safety and security.

Social DIstancing

Moreover, one of the biggest changes in camps throughout the country will be creating social distancing. At the same time, social distancing is the new “Normal”.

Most likely, there will be smaller groups of kids with a limited amount of time for each activity. For instance, the time in the swimming pool may be shorter. And, this will be the protocol for most activities.

Summer Camp Experience

Meanwhile, the goal of all camps is the same – they want to provide the best experience to get kids outdoors. Because kids are experiencing challenges they have never had to face; camps are hoping to get the kids’ lives back to some type of normal.

In fact, the more time kids spend outside; the healthier they will be. Smaller groups are one of the ways camps are trying to continue the season. With programs being limited; kids will still be able to experience camp life.

In summary, many states are lifting restrictions on youth activities which includes sports and summer camps. So, this will be a decision for the parents to make.

As always, I welcome your comments on how you’re coping with this year’s summer camp restrictions.


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