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National Barbie Day

Mar 9, 2020 | News, NitFlix

Did you know today is the birthday for Barbie? Of course, any young girl who had head lice growing up may remember an encounter. Or, perhaps you’re presently dealing with this. Well, if you are; don’t fret. NitFlix will eliminate and eradicate these nits and lice – almost overnight.

Girls and Lice

In fact, what happens when your kid is sent home from school because he or she has lice? So, if you’re perplexed on how your kid has lice; it’s really not complicated. Whether your child was playing with a toy or sharing a hairbrush or barrettes with another child; lice can quickly crawl from one head to another.

Indeed, head lice infestations are something that has impacted either yourself, your kid or someone you know. Well, it doesn’t have to be. When you come home one day and find your kid scratching their head; there are easy solutions to treat this situation quickly.

Be sure to visit my Fast Lice Treatment post where you will find a quick solution on eradicating these pesky bugs practically overnight.

Finally, enjoy celebrating the treasured doll and you won’t have to worry about nitpicking.

National Barbie Day

When you think of the doll that has been around since 1959; most kids have been playing with Barbie dolls since a young age. In essence, Barbie has represented a beauty standard.

Presently, Mattel has worked on making the Barbie doll more inclusive. For instance, today’s doll represents body types, race, and hairstyles. In addition, this doll has been an inspiration for girls worldwide. Meanwhile, she has had over 150 careers. What more can a girl want? You may even think about pursuing one of her careers in the future.

Since Barbie has become much more diverse; girls around the world are able to have a much more positive influence of themselves and to play out more realistic stories.

Of course, her fashion choices have set trends all over the world.

So, how will you be celebrating National Barbie Day? One great way to celebrate this day would be to bring out your doll and display it somewhere to see or play dress-up. Whether you’re young or old, you should enjoy this day and play with your treasured Barbie doll.

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