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Warm Weather Head Lice Infestations

Jun 26, 2019 | News, NitFlix

With the warm weather here, head lice infestations are on the rise.So, you may wonder why lice and nits are more prevalent in the Summer season.Well, the truth is there is more exposure to kids being close together. Whether kids are playing together, attending camp or sleep overs; lice are increasing after children have spent more time with other kids.

Warm Weather Head Lice Infestations

Although your kids may have not have had lice during the school year, this doesn’t mean you will survive a lice-free Summer. With kids being in swimming pools, sharing towels, combs and being in close proximity to other kids; it is easy to see why there is an outbreak of lice. To read more about tips for you and your family; be sure to read my Peak Lice Season post.

No doubt, warm weather is playing a bigger part of louse in your kids head. Now is the time to take steps to prevent head lice infestations. First, make sure you you check your kids scalps regularly. Also, make sure you share with your kids the importance of not sharing combs, hairbrushes, hats or towels with other kids.

Second, it is important that you introduce your family to NitFlix. NitFlix will prevent lice from ever being an issue. Be sure to check out Grace’s NitFlix Story April 2019 post to learn how this product was developed. When you use this product, you’re saving your family from becoming a victim to these pesky bugs.

Head Lice Infestations

Because many people don’t realize the seriousness of lice; now is the time to take action. Equally important is to know that lice can easily crawl from one person to another. Yuck – well it is true! Take action! When your child is sleeping over a friend’s home; pack a sleeping bag or a pillowcase.

By being pro-active, you’re not taking any chances with you ever having to deal with these pesky bugs.

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