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Head Lice Health Risk

Jan 20, 2020 | News, NitFlix

When it comes to head lice, everyone gets worried. Although many people associate lice with cleanliness and bad hygiene, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In the first place, lice affects millions of kids and adults every year.

Head Lice Health Risk

Although head lice doesn’t cause any serious threats to someone’s health; it can sometimes lead to a skin infection. When someone’s head is itchy and they’re constantly scratching; it has been known that children often get a secondary skin infection. With a secondary skin infection comes other complications. So, let’s put a stop to these pesky bugs wreaking havoc in our lives.

Since lice is common in young children; it can spread to people of any age. Consequently, one of the biggest risks is kids in school and their families. Meanwhile, no one wants to have any health risks.

How to Deal with Head Lice

Now, that it is the beginning of a new year; let’s eradicate these pesky bugs from making an appearance in our lives. Be sure to visit my New Year Clean Head Tips post where you will find prevention tips.

By being one step ahead, you can avoid ever seeing these bugs appear in yours or your family’s life. Of course, by planning – you will be prepared. Be sure to read my Preventive Maintenance post where you will find tips on what to do if you or your family encounter an infestation.

When you begin using Grace’s NitFlix Shampoo and Conditioning Treatment; you will immediately keep your hair and scalp from having lice. WARNING: your hair will look shiny and feel softer than ever! To learn more on how to use this product properly; be sure to visit my NitFlix Product Recommendation post where you will find instructions on how to use this product. Within 1 – 2 days, anyone who has nits or lice will see them removed.

In summary, by using NitFlix regularly, you will immediately experience a clean head without the risk of pesticides.

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