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National Sales Agents Needed

Jul 22, 2019 | News

A-Way with Lice is looking to hire National Sales Agents and Distributors. So, we’re often asked what it is we are looking for? Now, it’s time for us to ask for the best of the best in sales. We are expanding and rebuilding our A-Way With Lice team. Our acronym for A-Way With Lice is AWWL…and that is exactly what’s available to you working with us…you can have it AWWL!

We Are All Connected

We have all heard this phrase before, “Somebody knows somebody.” And, this is what we are counting on; so we can better serve you – our clients. Because you want NitFlix easily available – as a result, our search has begun.

What’s Your Passion

First and foremost, do you have a passion for the salon industry? Secondly, maybe your passion lies within the camp or school industry? Furthermore, medical services may be more of where your experience lies. Above all, at A-Way With Lice, we are on a mission to eliminate these pesky bugs.

Our Company Is Expanding

In fact, the more people know of the beauty of NitFlix; that it is healthy for your hair and scalp and easy to use. To read more about my story; be sure to visit Grace’s NitFlix Story April 2019 post. Our company is expanding and working with camps, schools, salons and medical services.

National Sales Agents and Distributors Needed

Therefore, Sales Agents and Distributors need to be self-starters and equally important, have outstanding customer service skills. This is an independent contractor position and will be paid by sales commission.

National Sales Agents Requirements

We are looking for National Sales Agents with outside sales experience, who also have strong relationships with salons, camps, retailers and clients in the hair care industry. Alert the go-getters in your life, that you know would be interested in this amazing opportunity, or on the other hand, this may be you!

In short, think outside the box and join us on our mission to eradicate lice. Send your resume to:



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