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National Ice Cream Month

Jul 25, 2019 | News

National Ice Cream Month is of course the chosen summer month of July. Or, is it I Scream Month? The catchy song we sang, I  scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream!

National Ice Cream Month

Many of us may not remember back in 1984, when President Ronald Reagan deemed the third Sunday in July a national holiday…National Ice Cream Day. Do not be concerned if you missed out on commemorating the day by having that special treat. Since Americans have a way of extending things, July is also National Ice Cream Month!

So, what is your favorite childhood memory about ice cream?

Soft Ice Cream Is Born

My favorite childhood memory of ice cream is my Dad taking us for Carvel every Sunday in the summer. Funny to think this was way before a Sunday was chosen as THE day and of course, a summer month.

Did you know that Carvel was created by Tom Carvel, a Greek immigrant? He started out with an ice cream truck which broke down with a flat tire. Not a great situation when your stock is going to melt away. So, he sold half his stock, only to find out that people enjoyed the melty frozen treat. That is how soft ice cream came into being. Not everything is always as it seems.

This is a wonderful Illustration of, everything isn’t always as it seems! Tom Carvel had a mishap which turned into a blessing of not only creating soft serve ice cream; but also forming the Nation’s first retail ice cream company. Carvel subsequently turned into a corporation, and moreover, became the very first in the U.S. to franchise an ice cream retail shop. Not too shabby for a flat tire, huh?

National Ice Cream Month – Mis Or Fortune

How we react or respond to the negative happenings in life matters. This reminds me of discovering my daughter and me having lice. Look where that event took us…the creation of NitFlix A-Way With Lice. Be sure to read Grace’s NitFlix Story post if you missed it.

Remember when times are rough, use your sense of humor. It’s free and a lot more fun!

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