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Labor Day 2019

Aug 30, 2019 | News

Americans celebrate Labor Day on the first Monday of every September. Firstly, this holiday weekend marks the traditional end of summer for the nation. Additionally, it is also the sign for most students to return to school. Be sure to read my Back To School List post to help you prepare.

Labor Day

There are many different activities in each town around the country. The last of a concert series may be one of them. Furthermore, many festivals and craft shows also take place. The beach is always a favorite location for those near the ocean.

Lastly, pool parties and picnics are other popular events. Generally, this is the last weekend for the pool to be open. Many get their pool covered til next year; unless of course you are fortunate enough to live in a warm climate. Then you have access all year long.

Labor Of Love

In the meantime, Labor Day has been a huge market for Major League Baseball. Where the teams are in the standings; usually indicates whether they are out of contention, in the pennant race, or a clear favorite to go to the World Series.

We know the players are paid large sums of money to play a childhood sport. They play our national pastime for the love of the game, out of a labor of love.

And speaking of labor, I wonder how many women give birth on this holiday? Now that’s a labor day and a true labor of love!

And wouldn’t you agree, teaching is another profession on the labor of love list? This holiday means the return to the classroom. In short, anyone who volunteers in a classroom knows that teachers carry many responsibilities throughout the school year.

In conclusion, what is a summer holiday without our other national pastime, ice cream? Be sure to read National Ice Cream Month. It’s a delicious post.

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