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National Dog Day 2019

Aug 26, 2019 | News

National Dog Day, also recognized internationally, takes place every year on August 26th. So if you’re wondering, there are numerous ways to celebrate this furry, loving day.

National Dog Day

If you find yourself still unsure of what to do with your four legged BFF, there are many deals and freebies happening across the nation. This special day appropriately follows the annual clear the shelters day by nine days.

Furthermore, there’s nothing like dogs across the nation finding their forever home. On top of that, as if that weren’t enough to get their tails wagging; the red carpet comes out for them to get the royal treatment. I sure wish I still had mine to celebrate with today.

Rescue Dogs

Adopted shelter dogs are now known as rescue dogs. I always had a dog growing up. My Dad and I would go to the dog pound to pick out our family pet. Since leaving my childhood home, I hadn’t had a dog for years.

While living in San Diego, they were holding an event for dogs 50 pounds and over. I had such a strong pull to attend and knew better not to. I had no business having a dog with my crazy work hours.

However, my neighbor did attend and brought home the sweetest, most loving, gentle mush of a small pony. His name was Bart.

Rescued From The Rescuers

Having volunteered at The Rancho Coastal Humane Society, I learned how much effort goes into matching rescue dogs with their forever homes. My neighbors neglected to say they intended on keeping Bart in their yard with their other dog.

As it turned out, to my good fortune, another neighbor complained of Bart’s barking. My neighbor asked me to take Bart and said she would help me, knowing how long my hours could be at work.

This is how I got the gift of my furry BFF. He gave me the true understanding of the question, who rescued who?

Non-Verbal Communication

When leaving town, my Dad would stay with Bart. He also let me know Bart would lay at the front door waiting for my return. I noticed whenever I would pull out my suitcase, Bart knew I was leaving. One day he confirmed this without a doubt.

After I opened up the empty suitcase, Bart dropped in his precious bone. I laughed and felt badly at the same time. While I gave him back his bone. Bart’s next move told me he didn’t think he got his message across.

Be sure to visit The Story of Amazing Bird Talking to Dog While He Eats post to read more about Bart.

Subsequently, Bart stepped into my suitcase and did that doggy spin to find the comfy zone right inside my bag! I couldn’t help but laugh, stop to take a picture, then give him a great big hug and kiss.  Lastly, this is when I wished he was small enough to carry with me.

Now go do something special, which is just about anything to our dogs as long as they are with us.

As always, I welcome your comments.


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