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Best Unlaid Plans

Aug 5, 2019 | News

The best-unlaid plans popped into my head, of course from the phrase the best-laid plans. This is the shortened version and comes from the proverb, the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Hence, you can see the direction I’m taking here.

Best Unlaid Plans 2019

Since I could not have scripted or even planned it better on a good day. This is what made it the best-unlaid plans. My husband and I were visiting our Uncle in a facility 2.5 hours away, who has been ill for the past year.

He was not doing well that day and it showed. Fortunately my husband got him to smile. Furthermore, he could only bear us visiting for an hour. Our Aunt, on the other hand, was unable to be there that day.

Goodbye Blessing

You can read more about a goodbye blessing in my recent post to fully understand its meaning and how it relates. Our Uncle made it clear he missed our Aunt and wished he could see her. After all, they’re married 55 years.

Lastly, I hugged my Uncle and told him I loved him. My husband also said his goodbyes. We said we’ll see him again, to which he replied, “Hopefully in a better place.” We left with a heavy heart.

Celebrate The Best Unlaid Plans

Additionally, we had dinner in honor of our Aunt’s birthday. Afterwards, we helped her change the battery in a clock-radio. This was plugged in and placed on our Uncle’s nightstand.

Subsequently, a few minutes later our Aunt’s phone rang. The Hospice nurse called to say her husband passed at 8:25 PM; right at the time we plugged in his clock.

Undoubtedly, as sad as it is to lose a loved one, we could not have planned it better ourselves. We got to visit to let him know how important he is to us. At our Aunt’s request, I secretly took a picture so she could see him, and we told her he misses her. Our Uncle is no longer suffering. Most importantly, our Aunt wasn’t alone.

In conclusion, we just never know. On the other hand, we choose to see it as being watched over.

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