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Worst Lice Story

Sep 12, 2019 | News

People who have a lice story usually list it as one of their worst life stories. I believe I recently heard the worst lice story ever. And yet you may not agree, so please do tell.

Labor-ious Day

So on Labor Day, a prospective client in Florida was calling with a crisis. She saw the A-Way With Lice® brochure and chose to contact me.

My husband and I were strolling from Penn Station to the Village in Manhattan to meet our daughter. Something told me to take the call. This Mom, I’ll call her K, asked if she could send me a picture of her daughter’s scalp since she believed she had lice.

Of course, I stopped walking to talk with her. Naturally I saw the humor in this situation and said, “Oh my God, Happy Labor Day to you!” We both laughed. I was apologetic as well, stating how important it was to keep that sense of humor alive. She was being a good sport about it.

Worst Lice Story

The picture clearly showed her daughter did indeed have lice. Until now, you may be thinking how is this so terrible?

First this was a holiday. Second, on the Treasure Coast, in the State of Florida all places were closed. Critically, they were also boarded up awaiting the arrival of hurricane Dorian and K did not even own a lice comb!

Worst of all, no access to Grace’s NitFlix since I was out of town and unable to get a set in her hands. As a result, her holiday became a laborious day. Wow, this is in stark contrast to the labor of love you can read about in my Labor Day post.

In summary, no NitFlix, no nit comb, on a hurricane holiday. Can you share a worst lice story than this?

As always I welcome your comments.


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