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Hurricane Protection

Sep 9, 2019 | News

Hurricane protection takes place before a hurricane hits. Who would be that foolish to look for hurricane shudders when impact is certain? The answer may surprise you.

After all, some people only move into action when the threat is about to be real. As a result, generators suddenly disappear off the shelves during the peak of tropical season.

Hurricane Season

The Atlantic hurricane season takes place June 1st – November 30th. The confusing part to people is the different names a hurricane has depending on its location. For example, Typhoons are in the western North Pacific, and Cyclones are in the Indian and South Pacific Oceans.

Hurricane Categories

The stated categories are 1 through 5 based on the wind speed in miles per hour. For that reason, people are sometimes too focused on the number.

Firstly, one main characteristic is the size of the storm; for example Irma. Next, the speed of the movement of the storm from one location to another is a big influencer; for instance, Harvey.

Hurricane Protection

After spending majority of the time in Florida, my knowledge of hurricanes increased dramatically. Go figure! Besides, my husband, the teacher is the one who schooled me.

I am a prepper at heart, (no, not the underground doomsday kind) along with my husband; we make a great team. Why else would we be married, right?

Supply shopping ahead of time is the secret to having all needed items. Preparation is key. It’s easier now more than ever because whatever we cannot find in our town, with the press of a few buttons a package is at our front door in a matter of days.

In perfusion, “ready” is the only word the surgeon wants to hear. We even test ourselves to see how long it takes us to set up. So, in an emergency our practice is put to work. It’s like doing drills as an athlete; they are soon part of the game.

We can’t stop an emergency but we can act ahead of time to minimize the damage. Did you know you can stop lice? Be sure to read my Sleepover Lice Prevention Tips to find out how. In short, my recommendation; be sure to use NitFlix to protect you from a hurricane of lice.

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