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Unity Day 2019

Oct 23, 2019 | News

Today is Unity Day in the United States. In the first place, Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center created this holiday in 2011 to raise awareness of bullying. The color orange is the one of choice to wear and share, as they say.

So, let’s examine this word UNITY and what it means. When you think about this day, it means a lot of things to different people. However, the most important part of this day is to show kindness, acceptance and inclusion. What better way to spend your day?

Unity Day Meaning

In simple terms, the condition of being one or a bringing together into a whole. Subsequently, the result of combining. Unity is also defined as mutual understanding. For example, an identity; common interests among the members of a group.

Unity Day Relevance

Generally, it is not difficult to apply unity to life in a positive way. The majority of people are social by nature. Therefore, through teams, clubs and organizations, they want to belong.

On the contrary, the ugly side of life shows up when unity is absent. Specifically, suicide, murder and abuse, to name just a few. Unfortunately, all are traced to a lack of unity.

Primarily, unity taught outside the home, may begin for youth at places of worship. By the same token, unity awareness starts early in schools; capturing the attention of all children.

Usually, Social Media has the most influence at shaping our children’s view of tolerance for others. As a result, this does not leave them in a powerful place. For instance, it’s the prime arena for cyberbullying.

In Context

First, The United States of America. Who doesn’t wish it were more true? Ironically, we are unified by our diversity! Additionally, laws intend to protect our civil rights in a Uniform fashion. Lastly, Unitarians created a way to blend religious differences; a core belief in one deity.

Fun With Letters

Interestingly, if you mix-up the letters in UNITE you UNTIE it’s message. Plus, there’s a U and I in UNITY. It’s a word for everyone. That’s Y!

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