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Super Lice Outbreak Schools Policies

Feb 8, 2019 | NitFlix

Super lice in schools has become a big problem. First and foremost, this is a problem that is impacting more children than ever.

Super Lice Outbreak – Schools

In fact, in some school districts, more than 5% of kids are encountering lice issues. And, if you’re wondering why more kids have lice; it is simply because they are in closer contact with others who have lice.

Since kids often have sleep overs, share beds and attend camp; they are encountering lice often. Moreover, let your kids know about the importance of not sharing hair brushes, combs, hats, pillows with other children.

No matter how clean your kids are; often super lice are becoming more prevalent.

Many schools require kids to stay home until this problem is eliminated. Of course, this causes embarrassment to any kid.

If nothing is done to prevent these pesky bugs from spreading; it will continue to become a bigger problem in the future. Above all, this is creating a large problem for teachers, parents and children.

It is important that we take action today.

Super Lice Prevention

As more and more children are having head lice; there are things you can do to prevent this. So, are you ready to learn how to prevent super lice?

Indeed, there is a high demand for treatments to prevent outbreaks for both children and adults. Be sure to check-out Grace’s NitFlix A-Way With Lice hair care products that really work. Not only does this product get rid of any lice you may have; but will also prevent these pesky bugs from getting to your head.

When you use NitFlix, make sure you distribute our products evenly.

Next time, don’t wait until you or someone you know encounters super lice. Be proactive and prevent these pesky bugs from being part of your life.

Let’s eradicate these nits forever.

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