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Lice Don’t Take Vacation 2019

Feb 2, 2019 | News

Lice don’t take vacation. Since so many families are planning upcoming vacations this year; if you encounter lice, don’t panic.

Lice Don’t Take Vacation

Who is looking forward to their vacation? As the weather changes, we are all looking forward to enjoying a new destination and taking in new things to do.

However, lice and vacation aren’t a good combination. When kids are involved in activities and have sleepovers, lice can become more prevalent.

Equally important is to speak to your kids on ways to prevent lice. Moreover, talk to them about not sharing pillows, hoodies, bedding or hair accessories, such as brushes, combs and barrettes.

Lice Don’t Take Vacation – Impacts Your Kids

So, what happens if one of your kids has it? Well, there are preventive treatments to help eradicate these pesky bugs.

In fact, Pesticide is not a healthy treatment. When you look up the ingredients in the pesticides; you quickly learn why not to use them. Premethrin is one of them found in over the counter products. Also, this is lethal to honey bees.

Lice Don’t Take Vacation – A-Way With Lice

In the first place, my A-Way With Lice® (AWWL) shampoo and conditioner provide a revolutionary solution for lice prevention and eradication. Not only will this protect you from lice; but it also provides nutrients for your hair. However, if you already have it; this product will help you get rid of it on your head. 

Grace’s NitFlix® is a non-toxic, pesticide free protective shampoo and conditioning treatment. My NitFlix is made from food-grade ingredients that nourish your hair and scalp; which provides salon results while protecting you from lice.  You can now have it AWWL!

Above all, this is a preventative measure that can be used to eradicate any pesky bugs. Meanwhile, parents take note. Any children in the household should use this treatment not only as a preventive measure, but also as a proactive approach.

Of course, the truth is – lice never take a break; but we give you one.

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