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Radio Spot Behind The Scenes

May 6, 2020 | Featured

I was suddenly faced with having to create a radio spot, also known as a radio commercial. However, until now, I never thought of how one is done. Fortunately to my benefit, I have two very close, generous people who share their talents with me.

Radio Spot Behind The Scenes

First, Paul Marcucci, a professional musician, and my husband wrote and produced Grace’s NitFlix Jingle. Now, what do we do?

Next, we contacted our dear friend Vinny Mariani, a 13 Time Emmy Award-Winning Editor for help. Not bad, eh?

Radio Spot – Mastermind

In the meantime, we used every communication method available to us, to discuss our 30-second message. Such as texts, emails, voice mails, and especially good old fashion phone conversations; my favorite.

Moreover, as the mastermind, Vinny was inspired by our pow-wows and soon after, a storyboard was born. As a result, we were all excited. Next, we had to find people to do the voices.

Additionally, Vinny’s daughter Hannah is trained in voice acting. We had no idea! Yet we still needed the role of good ole’ mom. I was asked to play a part.

To begin with, to keep the backgrounds consistent, I was directed to go into the shower to record my lines on the phone. Then, I sent the file over to Vinny.

Now the funny part. Vinny found a trained person to do the voice of mom and she said, “You want to use my voice to bump the owner of the company?” Vinny then gently checked in with me.

So then, I told him I asked for his expertise because I want this commercial to be the best possible. I am not trained and definitely not insulted. I laughed and thanked him for being so sweet.

Vinny did an amazing job with his voice-over.  He also did a fabulous job of taking parts of the Jingle to mix into the commercial. Along with adding sound effects and tying everything together.

In summary, be sure to listen for yourself.


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