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National Cuddle Up Day

Jan 6, 2020 | News

National Cuddle Up Day is today! So, are you ready to spend some time today snuggling with someone? Indeed, not only will cuddling keep you feeling cozy; but did you know there are health benefits associated with cuddling?

National Cuddle Up Day

Since January tends to be a typically cold month; there is something nice about being close to someone. Even if you only have a few minutes; find some time to hug someone.

When you’re close to either a family member or friend today; reach out and wrap your arms around someone and put your head on their shoulder. Embrace!

If you have a fireplace, light the fire, gather some blankets and find someone to snuggle up to. However, if you live alone; do you have an animal? Well, if you do, cuddle next to your cat or dog.

Health Benefits of Cuddling

In the first place, one health benefit of cuddling is it releases oxytocin. Although oxytocin is known to reduce pain; what better way to release pain then being close to someone. Mm – interesting! Of course, when you think about this – it makes sense.

When you’re close to someone; you feel safe and warm. Indeed, physical touch is important. In addition, cuddling leads to a strong relationship.

How to Celebrate National Cuddle Day

So, beat the cold today and embrace this fun holiday.

  • Snuggle up to your animal. Of course, this is the perfect day to cozy up to spread love to your furry friend.
  • When you’re home, find some blankets, listen to some music and hug it out.

In summary, when you’re cuddling close to someone; make sure your family takes precaution to communicate to other family members if someone has lice. Since these pesky bugs can crawl quickly when in close proximity from head to head; it is important to take precaution. Be sure to visit my Preventive Maintenance post where I’m sure you will get a chuckle from reading about ways to prevent these pesky bugs from appearing.

As always, I welcome your comments.

Happy Cuddle Up Day!



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