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Interesting Lice History

Jan 23, 2019 | NitFlix

Recently, I read an article on the interesting lice history titled, “This Mom Is Very Picky About Lice” struck a chord with me.

Interesting Lice History

So you may ask yourself, what is so interesting about lice? In fact, there are a lot of different answers. In the first place, lice have been around for many centuries.

When you think about how did your kids get lice, there are a lot of answers.

First and foremost, it doesn’t matter how clean your kids are. The bottom line is they are usually picked up from another kid. Now, that you know this is the most common way; there are also other ways someone can contact lice.

For instance, if you shared a towel, sat in a chair or used someone else’s hat, brush or comb; there is a possibility there were live lice.

Consequently, head lice come from an invasion of small, wingless insects known as Pediculus humanus capitis. These have three pairs of legs that are located behind the head. And, they have sharp claws which pierce the scalp. Moreover, head lice feed approximately five times a day.

Interesting Lice History Video

To learn more about lice throughout human history; watch this fascinating segment starting at marker 26:21.

Lice Treatments

So, nits tend to fasten to the hair shaft to stay warm. Equally important are they can be tough to remove due to their life cycle.

Unfortunately, lice are here to stay. However, it is important to use a product to help eradicate these pesky bugs. After my own experience, I created NitFlix – A-Way With Lice which is a preventive shampoo and conditioning treatment.

To read more about lice treatments, check out my Lice Treatments post. After you read this post, you will learn more about the best treatments to prevent and eradicate nits.

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