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Head Scratching Lice Solution

May 21, 2020 | News, NitFlix

When it comes to the best head scratching lice solution, it is always essential to use a natural product versus something with chemicals. At the same time, chemicals can cause as many issues as the critters themselves; and you could end up having a bigger problem on your hands.

Chemical Ingredients are bad for You

In the first place, there is often lindane in many prescription treatments. But, did you know this pesticide has been phased out since 2009? In fact, in 2009, the Stockholm Convention recommended phasing out these deadly toxins.

Moreover, these deadly toxins are no longer used in cattle and crops. So, you may wonder why some prescriptions still contain these toxic ingredients.

Be sure to visit my Mysterious Ingredients post to learn more about ingredients that could cause more issues than the head lice themselves.

Consequently, pesticides are problematic for lice treatment. Meanwhile, it is important to be mindful of reading ingredients in any product you purchase.

Head Scratching Lice Solution

With NitFlix, you are getting the best treatment on the market. However, if you’re not familiar with my own personal story and how NitFlix came to fruition; please visit my Grace’s NitFlix Story post to read about my own experience with these pesky critters.

Although the market has grown with many different brands available; it is important to make sure any product you buy doesn’t have any harmful chemicals.

With NitFlix, you’re getting a product that doesn’t have any harmful chemicals or pesticides. Moreover, no one wants to be scratching their head all the time.

So, the solution to never heaving to deal with head lice is simple. So, begin using NitFlix as part of your everyday hair washing ritual. By using this shampoo and conditioner as part of your beauty ritual, you will keep your hair safe from these pesky bugs ever invading your life.

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