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Kind Music Festival Tyson Ranch

Apr 4, 2019 | News

The Kind Music Festival held it’s in inaugural festival at the Tyson Ranch Resort in Desert Hot Springs, CA on February 23, 2019. Since this was the first of its kind; all ages attended this music festival, embracing California’s updated cannabis regulations.

Kind Music Festival

Music and cannabis came together for this non-profit event; we are sure to see many more events.

Since I was familiar with the trendy word “pop-up” from my daughter who set these up for a band she worked with; I was excited to be in attendance. Hence, now  “pop-ups” have transcended to concerts. Pop-ups are a great way to display information.

First and foremost, no cannabis products were sold onsite for this event in accordance with the current laws; however, they intend to change this for future events. So, this was about saluting California’s progressive stance on cannabis and its updated recreational/medical laws that went into effect on January 1, 2019.

Kind Music Festival – Tyson Ranch Resort

In case you were wondering, yes, Mike Tyson was there. Not only could you spot Tyson once or twice; but he was spotted multiple times on the festival grounds surrounded by his entourage. According to Tyson, this is just the beginning for the Kind Music Festival.

All of the attendees were there to help others. From this festival, a portion of all proceeds were donated to the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization; Standing United which assists those struggling with drug addiction as well as the homeless. Hence, this is a cause that holds a special place for several employees, including a number of executives who are in recovery.

In addition, there were all kinds of activities. From break dancing to dozens of bean bag chairs; thousands of people were entertained.

The Desert Hot Springs location is the future site of the 412 acre Tyson Ranch Resort; an entertainment complex including luxury and a cannabis research and design facility. Because Cannabis is a hot topic; what you may not know is, Tyson’s involvement comes from his own belief in the healing power of marijuana.

Tyson’s ranch will work to improve medical research and treatment of the hemp plant. As an athlete, he wants to do what he can to build awareness.

Kind Music Festival looks forward to building a long term relationship with the Tyson Ranch. So, stay tuned for future events. The next one will take place sometime in October. No doubt, there are great things in store going forward

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