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Be a voice in your camp or school.

Take Action

Let them know you are tired of lice being a taboo topic.

  • Place our link on your website which will lead parents to a page on our site with your name and logo on it.
  • Parents order NitFlix.
  • Kids use NitFlix regularly.
  • Children show up to camp or school already protected from lice.
  • Each order placed from your special link will raise funds to help in three ways… you get to choose.

Parents appreciate you taking a positive stance on this huge issue of lice.  Since kids love how NitFlix makes their hair look and feel, they use it. Parents appreciate the time and money saved, and the peace of mind of no more lousy hair days!

This will empower the children to be accountable for their own health and well-being, while creating a positive influence on their environment.

We ALL Win:
You serve your families with a healthy way to protect them from lice.
We fulfill our mission of eliminating lice.
Your families get to support their favorite camp or school.
Contact us today and be the camp or school that pioneers the change in your community.
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