A Reporter Stating the Truth About Lice

I am always searching on the internet

for what is being said about lice.

It is my honor to keep you current.

I was taken with an article written in Canada by Kirsch, Vik.

“Lice don’t take a break for the summer.”

GuelphMercury 20 Aug. 2011: Local News. Web.

Kirsch reports:

Parents coming home from the drugstore

may be tempted to treat not only the afflicted child,

but other children in the household.

“They might do all the kids.” But Otten (a disease manager

at Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health) advised against this.

“Only treat a person that actually has it,” she said,

noting treatment is not a preventative measure,

so doesn’t merit what might otherwise

be considered a proactive approach.

The truth is, lice never take a break but we give you one!

The good news, we do have a preventative measure

that can be found by going HERE

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