Selfies May Come With Lice

We had a blast with Alan Eschenburg and Cheryl Honc from Belegenza at the Emmy’s.  The Emmy event brought up what I had just read in the comment section of The Sidney Morning Herald, “A headful of nits, anyone want a selfie?”, by Annabel Crabb, August 17, 2014, at

She speaks about various “adult humiliations,” one of which caught my eye…

“I speak, with grim and recently acquired expertise, of the Adult Nit Infestation.”

Gee, we sure know about that one!

“As an adult, the discovery that one is harbouring an unspecified number of small scuttling insects in one’s hair brings about a number of confronting results.”

I could not get beyond this one personally, which resulted in a shaved head!

MOST IMPORTANTLY she went on to mention, “In February, there were reports in California of a head-lice outbreak among teenagers, supposedly fuelled by the continuing popularity of selfies…the excitable claims of a selfie-fuelled teen lice outbreak turned out to be largely spurious…”  She felt it was falsely generated by a commercial nit removal business and humorously ended her thought provoking comments with, “My name is Annabel Crabb, and I had nits this week. I’m clean now. Selfie?”  Uh, no thanks!

One of the basic rules of lice prevention is no head-to-head contact; however, applying this to selfies is not so apparent.  While discussing a fundraiser with the principle of Crystal Lake Elementary School, Brenda Watkins said she also recently read about selfies and lice transmission.

I shared this with Alan and Cheryl so they could better protect themselves since they take many photos with others including selfies!  Prevention is everything!  No offense to others but lice is like being a carrier of the flu; before you know you have it, you’ve already passed it on.

This conversation was perfect timing for their next event, The Social Slam Selfie Awards!

Dedicated to A-way With Lice,