Is NitFlix for treatment or prevention? BOTH, either way we got you covered! Easy, simple to use, like a deep conditioning treatment with extraordinary results.

If it has no chemicals & pesticides how does it work? It debilitates their ability to cling & disables their joints==> Stopped DEAD in their tracks!

Do I need this right now, because I don’t have a lice problem? Yes, for protection! If you’re doing selfies, you are at RISK more than ever! We know it’s a gross subject. Nationally, there are 12 million lice cases per year compared to 1.5 million heart attacks!

By now you know, the majority of people protect their pets from fleas. Are your children & you as important as your pets?

Did you know a lice infestation will cost you $125-$1000 plus aggravation, chances for re-infestation & a super dose of embarrassment? Take action NOW! Use NitFlix as your insurance/reassurance for $1/day. Send your kids the positive message they matter.

Don’t you have enough emergencies already? How do you want to use your time? Pro-active or Re-active?

Would you rather avoid the risk? It’s not a matter of IF…but when!

Do you think the thought of lice is awful? Wait till they are crawling on your head & in your bed!

How do I use NitFlix Shampoo? Like any other Shampoo!

How do I apply NitFlix Conditioning Treatment? Like a deep conditioning Treatment! For more details.

Can I use my other shampoo products? We suggest you don’t take any chances of removing the active ingredients with mass market products.

Do you provide other services? We provide the ultimate service…A-Way With Lice = End of lice. With prevention, nothing else is needed!

Delaying your purchase?  We don’t suggest that. And yes, we can do overnight, emergency shipping! The statistics are staggering…Let us help you not be a victim.

Knowing about prevention is not the same as taking action NOW!

By now, you realize that every time you scratch your head you’ll be thinking of NitFlix!